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Today I baked bread.  Not for the cookbook, although the recipe is in the cookbook….but because since the first time I made it, my kids insist on it!  So now I’m stuck baking bread every other week.  It’s not really a hardship and I always test a slice or 2 […]

Baking Day

Breakfast cereal has never been my idea of how to start a day.  I’m generally a toast and eggs type of person.  But this morning Cece and I are finishing off the Pork Loin in Sour Cream Sauce.  I have discovered that if you do a lot of cooking, you […]


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Oh goodness….you can’t have a family of 6 imaginative, energetic, active kids without leaving a legacy of stories….from pickle jars in the coulee to blaming innocent mice for eating to breaking your teeth in the bathtub…this book has them all!!!

6 Kids….6!

We were making such great progress….nothing left but some Christmas recipes and editing.  Then I realized that all the photos I had taken with my Kindle were not going to work!  All those recipes have to be redone.  But like we keep telling each other….we have to eat anyway! And […]

Camera Blues…

Shout out to all of Flora’s relatives and friends, especially the grandchildren! If you have any food related stories of her, we would love to have them for the book. This is already turning into an amazingly beautiful cookbook, your stories could be the icing on the cake.

Stories Request