About the Cookbook…

The Cookbook is about Mom’s culinary journey from a farm in North Dakota, a move to Spokane, Washington to retirement in Victoria, British Columbia. We share her journey.


Flora in her Condo Kitchen

Mom was a great cook.  She loved good food but more than that she loved to feed people. Even with a large family and a tight budget, no one went hungry under her roof.  As a child, I remember fiends would come to visit and stay for meals uninvited, but never turned away. Mom was a avid  collector of recipes and her recipe card collection was extensive.  But it didn’t seem right that this collection not be shared with everyone in the family. Thus the Cookbook  was born.

Mom’s recipes date back to the farm when she married Dad in 1947. Over the years her recipes have changed. In 1970 Mom and Dad moved off the family farm to Spokane, Washington. The choice of ingredients and style in cooking did a radical change. And again in 1986 when they moved to their retirement home in Victoria, BC, we could see another metamorphosis.

The Auger Family Siblings

The Auger Family Siblings

We have included all of her recipes, from the early days to later in her life. We have cooked, photographed and tasted each one. And with every bite, Mom’s presence is felt. We hope you love the recipes as much as we do.