A major staple on the farm… 3

Rolls and BunsI remember that Thursdays were usually baking day on the farm. We ate bread at most if not all of our meals. And accordingly we consumed an awesome amount of bread. Mom usually made at least a dozen or more loaves of bread at a time.

But what I really liked about baking day was.,, when Mom would make sticky buns with the leftover dough.  And if there were any raisins in the house (Mom had a tough time keeping raisins around but that is another story), she would sprinkle the raisins with the cinnamon.

Absolutely yummy.  I could easily eat three of these puppies at a time. Even eating these buns was a joy… slowly unrolling the bun by the layers and savoring every bite. Just too good!

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3 thoughts on “A major staple on the farm…

  • LyndAa

    What a wonderful web site…the picture of your Mom in the kitchen brought tears to my eyes.
    How could I live right upstairs all those years and not know what a wonderful cook she was.
    Thank you for telling me about your project. Make sure you put up a notice on the bulletin board when everything is finished!!!

    • Lynn Auger

      Thanks, Gen! We are so eager as well. It’s been a learning experience and a lot of frustration, but we will see an end result soon, we hope.